Therapy Recycle And Exorcise - 2014春夏



Once I had a dream or maybe it wasn‘t a dream...It was a fresh morning. There was a huge swiming pool inside a big house.Everything was clean and peaceful. There were columns and statues, all white. Water was not blue, but transparent. I was also clean and new. I didn‘t have any preconcepts in my mind. I was watching, listening and learning. The sound I remember the most, was the water falling down on a small fountain. I was happy and life had just begun. Sometimes I go back to this memory and I feel peace. The world is again just that place with water, soft sounds and white statues. Quiet and relaxed, but promising. Because there is room for everything that is about to come. I recognice my life phases as each of them comes with a color. Suddendly I start looking for that color, to choose it, to wear it. Living in a place wich is most of the time dark, I went dark inside for a long time. That‘s not bad, that was another phase. But I see I have changed. Now I can refkect some light and white helps me and makes me feel brighter and healthier. FEAT ON